Welcome to our website. We provide free real estate search tools for finding properties in in the greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area. We also post news updates about the latest changes in the local real estate market.

My name is Shane Petty, and I have been an Austin area resident for more than 25 years. This place has changed a lot in that time, but I think it’s still one of the best places to live in the country, and it’s not just me. The area population continues to swell even through economic downturns.

Like many today, it was the technology industry that brought me here long ago. With a freshly earned degree in Computer Science, I quickly settled in to a long career in software development with many of the major companies in town.

But like most corporate careers, I eventually wanted to do something else. I began in Real Estate as an investor/flipper. I would take run down properties and restore them to the community. That brought a lot of satisfaction, and thanks from the neighbors, but I found I liked the Real Estate industry enough to make the switch permanently.

Today I work with a network of other broker/agents, builders, and investors providing real estate services to all of the Austin area market. We offer services to buyers, sellers, investors, and also help with short sale and foreclosure issues.

I do not consider myself as a “salesperson”, and more as a Real Estate consultant and service provider. As a client your interest is ALWAYS placed first, and it is not my job to “sell” you a house. My job is to help you to find/sell your home at the best price.

To find properties in the Austin area market please use our free interactive search tool. There is a plethora of criteria you can specify to narrow and focus your search. You can save your favorite properties in a list, request property updates and enable automatic updates of new properties based on your criteria. Our search tool also features a full map view, including map, street and satellite views. You can even add lifestye criteria such as schools, amenities, or churches.

If you need any help, or are ready to view a property in person you can contact us with the “Contact Us” on the above menu, and I or one of our network consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have a question about a specific property, you can select the little silouette profile on the action bar beneath the listing info. That will generate an email to us with the property link so we’ll know just what you are looking at.

If you simply want to find out how your house prices with others in the area, contact us and ask for a Comparative Market Analysis, or CMA. It’s Free! All we need is an address.

We also buy houses that need a lot of TLC to be marketable. Homeowners are often overwhelmed with other issues and fail to keep a home maintained. We find it rewarding to bring a house back to the neighborhood. If you have a house you need to sell quickly, or can’t sell due to condition contact us. We can help by either making an offer ourselves, or connect you with active investors in our network to resolve your problem house.

Thanks for stopping in, and make it a great day in Austin!

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